Top 30 US Managed IT Services Provider Increases Organic Visitor Traffic by 106% Year Over Year by Focusing on SEO

The Challenge

Slow progress rising in Google search results vs competition

Ntiva Inc, a top 30 US managed IT services company, is in the information technology services business, and it was having trouble gaining ground on similar companies in Google search results. The company provides IT services to thousands of small and medium sized businesses throughout the United States and employs hundreds of people.

The challenge Ntiva faced was it was expensive getting new leads from paid ads, so the leads from “free” organic search were much more desirable. Internally they maintained an active blog and had scores of pages of high quality content, written by experts in the field, but ranking on page one in Google for desired terms was hit or miss. They essentially relied more on luck than strategy to rank in Google.

The Solution

Make the website content more relevant in the eyes of Google search

The IT company asked Biz Marketing Pros to provide a solution. Biz Marketing Pros’s search engine optimization team conducted an analysis to determine the priority web pages most important to the company, list which pages were easiest to rank for, and map out a plan for increasing relevancy in Google search.

Biz Marketing Pros then implemented a three part plan, executing the parts concurrently. First was uncovering and helping with technical fixes to the website to help improve how Google scores the health of their site. Second was improving onsite content so that it would rank for high traffic search terms. Third was performing outreach to get relevant links back to their blog posts and service pages.

The Impact

Dramatic increase in organic traffic over the next 12 months

Ntiva saw website traffic from organic search increase to 151,090 annual visits, a 106% increase over the prior year. Organic traffic rose to 54% of all website visits, up from 36% a year ago.

Following on this increase, form completions, a measure of lead generation, increased by 99.89% to 8,721 form completions. The company couldn’t be happier to have partnered with Biz Marketing Pros to deploy this solution.