Regulatory Consulting Firm in Canada Goes from Breakeven in Paid Ads to Turning a 140% Return on Ad Spend

The Challenge

Trouble reaching a positive return on Google’s pay per click search ads

11520601 Canada Inc is a Canadian regulatory consulting company focused on helping consumers navigate regulatory hurdles for legally growing cannabis for medical use in Canada. The firm was trying to generate leads using AdWords advertising but found their cost to land one customer was equal to the potential profit from that customer.

They had been trying to turn a profit on AdWords advertising for a year without success. It was important for them because growth from other sources of leads were relatively stagnant. They relied primarily on word of mouth and being found in organic search results on Google. They also ran Facebook ads but had trouble keeping that going because of the tie to the cannabis industry. To make matters worse, the AdWords account was being run by a freelancer and they found him to be slow responding to questions and recently he had fallen off the map altogether without any communication in over two months.

The Solution

Optimize the AdWords account by focusing on the profitable search queries

The Canadian firm was referred to Biz Marketing Pros from a colleague. Our first step was performing an audit on the AdWords account to uncover and fix wasted ad spend. Next we fixed tracking issues and setup automated daily reporting using Google Data Stuio so that the client could easily track their ad spend and return on ad spend.

Then the focus shifted to uncovering the Google search queries that were generating the most leads and sales. We restructured the ad account so that ad spend could be optimized for these search queries. In addition, the new structure enabled us to use an organized process for testing new ad creatives including headlines, descriptions and AdWords images.

The Impact

Return on ad spend from AdWords advertising grew to 140% within 3 months

11520601 Canada turned its first profit on AdWords advertising within a month of engaging Biz Marketing Pros. Within three months, the company was generating 140% on ad spend with the advertising driving over 105 new customer acquisitions per month.

AdWords also proved to be a source of indirect leads, with another 22% of their business coming from people who either saw or clicked on the AdWords advertising at some point and converted later. With the help of Biz Marketing Pros, 11520601 Canada cemented it’s position as the largest regulatory consultant in Canada specializing on legally growing medical cannabis.